Who Is David Sandoval?

Mr. Sandoval is a world-recognized expert an in-demand lecturer and radio talk show personality, as well as an entrepreneur, nutritionist, activist, personality, author, and one of the leading authorities on whole food nutrition and disease prevention.

Because of his passion for helping people recognize the relationship between diet and health, David Sandoval Co founded and is the CEO of Purium Health Products. Believing that there is most definitely a relationship between diet and disease, Sandoval has dedicated himself to providing real solutions for reclaiming health through nutritious, real, whole foods, organically grown.

“God and Mother Nature have provided everything the human body needs to live a long, disease-free life.” ~ David Sandavol

 Why you should get your nutrition from whole foods

“Isolated, nonfood, or synthetic supplements have a limited effect compared to their natural, complex counterparts found in whole foods. They can have drug-like – rather than nutritional – effects and can produce symptoms from constipation and headaches to kidney and liver damage. They can and do create biochemical imbalances that are worse than deficiencies.


whole food real solution


All vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, co-enzymes, phytochemicals, and any other forms of nourishment found in Nature come ‘packaged’ with an abundance of other nutrients in an interrelated, balanced arrangement to ensure their optimal absorption and use (function) in the body. This is the safest, best way – Nature’s way – of providing nutrition. Chemists, try as they may to duplicate Nature’s way, cannot do so. Compared to fractionated or manufactured supplements, a much smaller quantity of food complexes are required – ‘high’ potency is not needed for the most effective function. Nature is the best chemist.

Whole, natural foods and food supplements (if properly processed) are enzymatically ALIVE (Greek, bios). Human-made (synthetic) or separated (dissected) supplements are DEAD chemicals. Ingestion of lifeless chemicals, which the body may treat as toxic and which can cause deficiencies, imbalances, or other adverse reactions will not really build health. Human health requires live BIO-chemicals that are readily accepted and used for maintenance, repair, energy and function. Does the body know the difference? Absolutely. It is a matter of CHEMISTRY versus BIO-CHEMISTRY.”   ~ The Real Truth about Vitamins and Antioxidants” by Judith DeCava, CNC, LNC

Why choose Purium Products over other options?

puriumWe manufacture our own products…which means better quality, variety, and availability for you!

We have a direct-to-consumer business model. We don’t let middlemen touch our products. We don’t need them. They add cost, without adding any value. This makes a HUGE difference in what you get from Purium compared with other companies that are really just marketing companies. If a company does not manufacture its own products, then its products are created by someone else … the formulas may be owned by someone else … and the final products may be marked-up several times before they get to the customer. This means the distributor could lose its supply at any time and the customer will always pay too much or get lesser quality!

99% of the companies that market nutrition products go to someone else to get their products. Oftentimes, WE are that someone else. Our products are so good, other nutrition companies come to us to produce their products – literally hundreds of companies over the past 14 years have used our ingredients, our manufacturing equipment, and our formulation expertise. But don’t worry, we save the best formulas for our Purium Distributors!

We got into the direct distribution of nutritional products because as a manufacturer we saw the marketing companies were taking too many short cuts with quality. They never asked us to make the best products, they all seemed to want to compete on price, not results. We knew there was a different path … a better path … and once you start taking Purium products, you’ll never want to go back to the over-priced products of nutritional marketing companies. By managing/owning the “farm to family” supply chain and doing away with all of the middlemen, we can deliver the highest quality products for the lowest price. Real products that work; this creates a solid, stable business and a platform upon which you can build true, long-term residual income!

We can produce $1 BILLION worth of products per year!

Purium has HUGE upside and we’ve built the infrastructure to support substantial growth. Our manufacturing facility in Long Beach, California has more than 40 pieces of automated manufacturing equipment and we can produce more than $1 billion worth of products per year. Currently, we use only a small fraction of this capacity. This means that we’ve already invested in growth that is about to happen. That’s called, “putting your money where your mouth is!”

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