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The Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation will permanently support your desire to fall in love with feeling good!

Are You Ready to Reset, Revitalize, and Restore Your Health?

When it comes to your personal health, “Falling in Love with Feeling Good,” should be your daily mantra. Ask yourself, “Will I feel my best when consuming that food choice or supplement?”

This inquiry can help you to reduce cravings for processed foods and other unhealthy food choices. Also, when you recognize that healthy food choices make you feel better, you eliminate the need to diet.

This simple acknowledgement is why I support the Purium 30 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. The company is located in California, and the products are also available in Canada and Europe. Purium is a front runner in the organic superfood’s marketplace. 

The Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation


As the name implies, a Lifestyle Transformation is a permanent and lasting change.

I personally use these products and because of the purity and quality of these superfoods, I have also endorsed this company.

My daily routine includes a rainbow of their superfoods. These choices makes it easy to be and stay healthy!

To learn more about this new path towards health, let’s take a peek at the following video.


Personal Results With The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation…


Here is a short list of what I discovered as my lifestyle embraced more of these superfoods.

  • It was easy to lose weight!
  • There was a dramatic reduction of pain and inflammation.
  • Cravings for processed foods and sugary food disappeared.
  • I experienced less brain fog and more energy.
  • I also experienced an increased sense of joy!

Let’s listen to Roxanne’s uplifting presentation that talks about the individual products within the Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation.  The only shift that has occurred since her presentation is an emphasis on a 30 or 60 day meal plan.


How Quickly Can This Lifestyle Transformation Happen?

Now let’s talk about how fast this Lifestyle Transformation can take place. If you are searching for a simple, inexpensive, and fast moving weight loss program…then you have struck gold! Within 10 – 30 days I was able to lose 20 pounds.


Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation


Everyone is different but you will likely shed pounds. More importantly you will recognize that your weight loss is a healthy side effect of feeling excellent.

Also, if you are looking for a gentle and easy way to cleanse or reset your energy levels, you have just found an oasis in the desert of dietary choices!

To promote optimal health, toxins from our environment and internal toxins or by-products of our body chemistry need to be removed. Using these products, I seasonally cleanse as a part of my new healthy lifestyle. The Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation helped me to get healthy and stay healthy.

Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Products

Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Products

Let’s take a look at these Purium products and the framework or schedule for taking them.

Purium Powershake - Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

Powershake – The Utimate Green Shake

The day begins with your Powershake.This is a delicious tasting green drink with an apple-berry flavor. (I assure you it does not taste like the bottom of a lawn mower!)

It will nourish, satisfy, and and energize your day. My favorite benefit is how it elevates your desire for clean eating. Simply mix into pure water and shake until the air dried superfood greens rehydrate.


SuperAmino23 – Pure Plant Based Protein

Next, SuperAmino 23 is the perfect compliment to
your Powershake. In reality, it is thePurium SuperAmino23 - Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation most perfect protein that I have found to date.


This protein delivers to your body within 23 minutes, a pure plant based group of 8 essential amino acids. These aminos boast a 99+% bio-availability when consumed. Most other dietary protein’s bio-availability range between 17% – 45% range at best.

SuperAmino23 will tone and nourish your muscles.

The net positive outcome is more strength, stamina, and endurance. 

Purium Biome Medic Product - Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

Biome Medic – Reduces Toxic Gut Inflammation

Now we move to Biome Medic. It is a clinically sound product and proven to effectively remove herbicides that may have disrupted the Microbiome of your gut.

Feel free to click on the following link if you would like a ‘A Guide To Healing Your Gut And A Healthy Microbiome.’

Glyphosate is an herbicide typically associated with Genetically Modified crops. GMOs are often found inside of processed foods that contain soy, wheat, or corn as main ingredients.

Purium Super CleansR Product

CleansR – Gentle Removal of Intestinal Toxins

The next product and a compliment to Biome Medic is CleansR. I like to say that it is “The brush that sweeps the colon clean!” CleansR gently removes toxins from your large intestine and colon.




Purium Organic Apothecherry Concentrate
Apothecherry – Filled with Anti-oxidants and Phytonutrients

Last, but not least, is the tart cherry concentrate named Apothecherry. Filled with phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants in the form of natural melatonin, Apothecherry is an anti-inflammatory that will help you to sleep like a baby!

Research from the Journal of Medicinal Food supports this finding.


How Often Do I Take The Products?

There are 3 separate and distinct schedules for taking the products contained within the Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. I will list them below and you will be able to download the pdfs for your preview.

I like the intermittent framework the best. However, you will make a choice designed to fit into your schedule of daily activity based on the variety of schedules listed below.

Options are based upon a 30 Day time period but there are other options you can explore. Schedule a discovery session and let’s get your Transformation started!



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There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 60 days on all products. The Purium Company stands behind the integrity of it’s purity and premium quality products! If you have any issue at all you will get your money back!





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