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The Purium compensation plan -my philosophy is that the best compensation plan in the Network Marketing is the one that is attached to the company you like the most.

When you chose the right company it is fun, to build a team, and to drive towards rank advancement goals. We all know that compensation plans are not created equal. There are more variations of compensation plans then most of us would care to know.

We can certainly study them until our eyes glaze over. Some of these compensation plans are so complicated that I’m not sure I ever understand them! The good news is that the Purium compensation plan is simple and it allows for ‘Sky is the Limit’ growth.

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Explaining the Purium Compensation Plan

So, let’s start with a look at why the Purium compensation plan works so well. Purium manufacturers its own products, therefore, they pay more to the distributor base. With the farm-to-family business model there are no middle men in the transaction. Because Purium controls the quality and purity of Purium products, Purium provides these products at a competitive price. This results in being able to payout more money to you for sharing Purium products.

You Give $50 – You Get $50

The Purium business adopted a powerful Gift Card Marketing System. As you may know, gift cards are traditionally used by companies like Starbucks, H&M, and Victoria Secrets to drive trial offers, repeat visits and brand engagement. Purium effectively allows you to hand out $50 Gift Cards and they then pay you $50 every time a card is redeemed for a 10-Day Transformation. This is just the beginning. You can earn even more when someone decides to join Purium as a Promoter. You can earn as much as $350 for the redemption of a Gift Card!

“Give $50 ~ Get $50”

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What You Need To Know To Make Money With Purium

When I first got started with Purium I kept asking my sponsor what you need to know to make money with Purium and the answers I got were kind of convoluted. Could be me, I admit, but I just couldn't figure out the basics of the compensation plan in an easy; do this...
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purium compenstin lan explained

Highlights of the Compensation Plan

The Purium compensation plan pays monthly and weekly. In fact, there are then 64 opportunities for you to earn an additional pay check for this year. Work the pay plan and you will be paid frequently. It is that simple. Take a look at the many highlights of the pay plan!


The money is in the details some like to say. Are you are a seasoned network marketer who likes to study pay plans? Click here and marvel at what David Litt, the Marketing Director at Purium put together. The Purium compensation plan is fair, abundant, and provides huge incentives for team building activity.


Because the world is changing so fast, network marketing is evolving too. This adventure in ‘social entrepreneurship,’ is combining a shift in popularity for the ‘Wellness Movement’ with Gift Card Marketing. As a result of the shift in consumer awareness about how important organic whole food superfoods are, being associated with the long-term stability of a 23 year-old manufacturing company just makes sense. The unlimited residual income potential that is structured into the Purium compensation plan is attracting network marketers looking for a safe place inside the industry.


We don’t hide our “average earnings chart”. We put it front and center for you to see. Notice how the average earnings grows from rank to rank. It’s a smooth curve. Complete balance. Lucrative from top to bottom!

Purium do you have what it takes
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Here is a look at how to get to Diamond on the Fast Track with the Purium Compensation Plan:

In conclusions, if you are wondering whether this company is right for you then I encourage you to contact us. As a result of this conversation we will show you the strategies to start making money fast.

Let’s Talk!

To get more information about these great products or get started on your path to greater health and happiness, please contact me. It is our mission at New Path Nutrition to provide accurate and helpful information so you can make an educated choice about how to ensure a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

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