Gift card marketing starts with a handshake

Are you fascinated by ideas and companies that can take a simple idea and turn it into a profound success? The New Path Nutrition Team is too, so when we were first introduced to the Purium Gift Card Marketing system it made us smile to see the simple and amazingly effective marketing program that Purium had built with the universally accepted idea of giving someone a gift card.

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As we know, Network Marketing is a business model built on creating relationships and working as a team…the power of leverage. Network marketing is also a business of duplication. Enter Gift Card Marketing and you have the perfect storm of ideas and principles to easily and effectively build a duplicable business from your home. It all starts with a handshake…whether you are meeting someone in person or “shaking hands” over the internet or phone, with Purium’s Gift Card Marketing system 95% of the work is already done for you.

Here is how the Purium Gift Card Marketing System works:

1. You become a Purium Lifestyle Club (PLC) member and choose a business name or phrase that also becomes your Gift Card Code.

2. Purium gives you a website that is tied to both your name and the name of your Gift Card Code.

3. Your Gift Card Code is your own personalized marketing tool. You can share the code through e-mail, social media or text. You also receive plastic Gift Cards that you can physically hand them to others. When one of your Gift Cards is redeemed for a Transformation, you earn $50.

“It all starts with a handshake”

Too many of us are not living our dreams we are living our fears.
Gift card marketing - a system that works
Do you have what it takes?

It’s that simple When It comes To Gift Card Marketing

If the card is redeemed for an Enrollment Pack, you earn even more than $50! And if the card is redeemed for individual products, you earn a retail commission (up to 30%) on the entire order over $20.

The technology tied to your Purium website helps leverage your time and effort so you can make money right away and over time, that translates to more time for you to devote to the most meaningful things in your life.

Be Part of a Team With Gift Card Marketing

Also, as a part of the Purium New Path Nutrition team, we will work with members to help them set and achieve personal goals, get the right coaching to improve business skills and practices, and offer comradery and fun! With the My Purium Gift System, you can get started right away and from day one, you look professional; have an easily navigable website that allows you to present your products and business anytime or anywhere.

Get Trained

There are also easy to use step-by-step training modules and videos to answer your questions and let you learn when the time is convenient. The bottom line is that all the “heavy lifting” has already been done for you. You shake hands, have a conversation and hand out a gift card. When that person redeems their gift card, Purium rewards your effort with a check for $50.00 or more!

Purium’s automated system will also do follow-ups and sends out branded e-mails on your behalf. With the Purium Gift Code System all of your new member’s future purchases will be linked to your account allowing you to earn bonuses from their purchases.

A transformation story
talk to Dr Mike

It is also worth noting that all Purium products are warehoused and shipped from our factory in California. You don’t have to purchase any inventory and because you are a member of the Purium Lifestyle Club, they do all the shipping and handling. You just keep sharing, shaking hands and enrolling people using the Purium Gift Card marketing system. Unlike some Network Marketing Companies, Purium only asks you to purchase products you are going to use for yourself and your family. There are no options for buying inventory!

Let the Gift Cards do the introduction, let the Products do the selling and let the Automated System do the follow-up. At New Path Nutrition, our team members come from all walks of life and from all over the world. We all have different lives, needs and motivations…but, the one thing we all have in common is our love of Purium products, our team spirit and the simple ability to share, shake hands and help others using the Purium Gift Card Marketing system.

Shake hands with us today by contacting one of our New Path Nutrition Team Members to get you started sharing and changing lives today..

Let’s Talk!

To get more information about these great products or get started on your path to greater health and happiness, please contact me. It is our mission at New Path Nutrition to provide accurate and helpful information so you can make an educated choice about how to ensure a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

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