Detox strategy for dealing with colitis

I believe that each day offers the opportunity to share compassion, wisdom and the empowerment of understanding our body’s need for intelligent and enlightened personal health care.

Today this opportunity presented itself to me in the form of a phone call from a woman in Chicago. She had been referred by a client and her story was one I had heard too many times before. She had been diagnosed with colitis and she was upset, confused and seeking to understand why her medical doctor had told her not to detox.

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I believe that each day offers the opportunity to share compassion, wisdom and the empowerment of understanding our body’s need for intelligent and enlightened personal health care. Today this opportunity presented itself to me in the form of a phone call from a...
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There was no explanation provided by her doctor’s office other than it was not a good idea. Therein lay the rub. She was told to continue taking the steroids provided to reduce the inflammation in her colon, but still she continued to experience the unrelenting discomfort of diarrhea day after day. I explained that her doctor was correct in suggesting that a detox would be too much for her body to manage.

However, no explanation whatsoever was provided to help her understand why her circumstance might not favorably respond to a detox. She was left to ask, “Why not detox?” In her voice I could sense the frustration and anxiety attached to wanting to know more about her diagnosis.

She was surprised to hear that I agreed with her doctor and grateful that I could offer her insight on detoxing when a diagnosis of colitis had been made. I proceeded to explain why detoxing while experiencing unrelenting pain and diarrhea would not be wise. The use of prescribed steroids indicated that the inflammation in her colon was substantial and should first be mitigated.

The diarrhea should also stop before considering any additional input or therapy. Now was not the proper time for a detox as it would add further stress to her already challenged physical body. Any kind of fiber-based products that might be included inside within a cleanse could further exacerbate her inflamed colon. She was glad…and perhaps a bit amazed, to hear such a simple explanation.

“Natural solution for colitis diagnosis”

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Thousands of people every day suffer from this largely preventable “dis-ease” of the colon. However, digestive disorders, often associated with various forms of stress, can be avoided. The stressors can be emotional, physical or viral in nature. Upon closer examination of her history, she revealed a flu virus had originally caused a three month period of colonic pain and diarrhea. She had contracted this virus while visiting Hong Kong.

One year later, she decided to receive a flu shot and immediately experienced a second episode of colitis. Now a third episode, related to other stressors, had her going to a specialist and receiving steroids to manage the inflammation. Although I supported her doctor’s claim that a detox would not be appropriate at this time, I also suggested a simple and conservative approach that would not interfere with her current routine.

First the diarrhea would need to stop and then she could begin to provide her body with ‘whole-food based’ nutrients that would help her to further manage the inflamed tissues caused by her colitis while promoting greater health and alkalinity. My suggestions included 40X aloe vera, a high anti-oxidant tart cherry concentrate and a plant-based protein that would work together to stimulate and promote the rebuilding of healthy tissue.

I also suggested that regularly including a green shake, consisting of various cereal grasses and juice powders, would continue to alkalize her body and further promote tissue repair. This simple explanation and easy to understand explanation for “Why not detox?” reduced her anxiety and calmed her fears…both necessary components to better health and wellness. She was most appreciative and, in fact, called her friend to thank her for recommending someone qualified and compassionate that could offer free advice with specific solutions that could be applied over time.

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A person should always remember that a diagnosis does not imply a prison sentence for the body. The doctor was doing his job but, in this instance, his staff failed to provide an adequate explanation as to why not detox. This left her feeling bewildered, anxious and confused. The good news is that there is a great deal of help that can be offered by the natural world.

A little bit of knowledge can go a long way toward reducing anxiety and providing empowered and sustainable health care choices. In many cases, I would suggest that cleansing the body with a gentle and safe detox should be a regular part of healthy body maintenance. Think of it as an “oil change”. We change the oil in our cars to prevent impurities from building up inside the engine. Similarly, a gentle detox can serve to promote health by removing impurities locked inside the body.

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If you are seeking natural health care solutions for nagging and chronic conditions, please feel free to connect with us. Free qualified advice is how we choose to serve our community.

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